Passive defense equipment

Pilomat Automatic Hydraulic Bollard

Manufacturer: Pilomat

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At present, PILOMAT S.r.l. counts itself among the top leading manufacturers of automated access control technologies in the world. The top priority is the continued development and expansion of the line of products. PILOMAT S.r.l. has ensured the guarantee of the reliability and longevity of their mission, through the development of PILOMAT philosophy geared towards quality improvement, as well as placing ever higher quality standards into our production at competitive costs and reduced lead time and schedule.

Technical specifikation:

  • Bollard material: FE 510 steel (iron)
  • Nominal Diameter of bollard: 275 mm
  • Nominal High of bollard: 900 mm
  • Cylinder thickness: 25 mm
  • Surface treatment (FE 510 acél): polyester powder painting
  • Surface (in case of other amterial): ribbed robe – 316 AISI stainles brushed steel
  • Rising speed: 22 cm/mp, Lowering speed 22 cm/mp
  • Emergency manual lowering – to have options – automatic lowering
  • Control cabel length: included 10 meter (max. 80 meter)
  • Hydraulic pump: built-in the bollard
  • Type of usage: intensive usage – average lifetime: 2.000.000 operation – 2.000 operation/day
  • Impact resistance (without deformation) 700.000 J (2.000 kg @ 95 km/h – 6.800 kg @ 52 km/h) Breakout resistance 2.000.000 J (2.000 kg @ 161 km/h – 6.800 kg @ 87 km/h)

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