Passive defense equipment

IU 1700 Threat Mitigation Unit


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Designed to accommodate all courier 25kg boxes (FedEx, UPS, DHL), the IU1700 revolutionises the rapid and safe isolation and removal of IED threats in high volume screening operations, meeting the demanding needs of global couriers during international cargo screening.

The IU1700 is also ideal for any business facing a potential threat from packages and parcels received by courier or through the postal system to protect against blast and fragmentation from an explosive device.


  • Protects people and surroundings from lethal blast effects
  • Blast and fragment mitigation – many times the anticipated threat level
  • Sized to fit all major courier 25kg standard boxes (FedEx, UPS, DHL)
  • Suspect parcels easily mitigated in seconds and safely removed for resolution
  • Simple operation – easily operated by one person
  • Avoids costly evacuations or disruption of business operations