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DCU Detonator Carrier Units


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Safety, cost and compliance with internationally recognised UN Hazard Classifications and General Mixing Rules are among the most important factors with respect to storing and transporting explosives in a ready state.

When your explosive storage & transport containers need to conform to 1.4S UN Classification, Energetics Technology can offer you a solution. Our UN 1.4S Munitions Boxes prevent sympathetic detonation and contain blast and secondary fragmentation enabling personnel to store and transport different explosives in the same vehicle, thus providing the best safety available to personnel as well as offering the opportunity for cost effective combined transportation. Our UN 1.4S Munitions Boxes are fully tested and compliant to 1.4S UN Hazard Classification.


Detonator Carrier Unit : DCU 105

The Detonator Containment Unit DCU105 Series has been developed for safe and secure containment of commercial and EOD new, recovered, improvised and unserviceable large NEQ detonators. Lightweight and highly durable, the DCU101 (for smaller detonators) and the DCU102.2 (for larger or multiple detonators) fit standard ammunition/utility webbing pouches to meet demanding operational needs.

  • SABREMAT blast protection and KevlarTM ballistic protection.
  • Prevents sympathetic detonation.
  • Contains blast & secondary fragments protecting nearby personnel.
  • Suits most standard types of detonators.
  • RF/EMI Shielded.
  • Rugged anti-shock impact resistant construction.
  • Lightweight with high NEQ capability


Detonator Carrier Unit : DCU 500

The Detonator Containment Unit DCU500 Series reduces the hazard classification and compatibility group from 1.1B to 1.4S, thus improving safety of personnel when storing and transporting electric and non-electric detonators. The DCU500 Series are widely used by demining companies, NATO and EOD Teams in the UK (Army, Navy and RAF) and Europe.

  • Contains blast & secondary fragments protecting personnel when carried by hand.
  • Prevents sympathetic detonation.
  • Enables detonators & explosives to be stored/transported in same vehicle.
  • Improves logistical options significantly reducing transport costs.
  • Comes in various formats to suit most standard types of detonators.


Detonator Carrier Unit : DCU 1000

The Detonator Containment Unit DCU1000 provides blast protection to personnel when storing, handling and transporting bulk quantities of electric & non-electric detonators. The DCU1000 reduces the UN Hazard Classification and compatibility group from 1.1B to 1.4S, making it compliant with road and air transportation regulations and enabling cost effective logistical options.

  • Certified with UN Hazard Classification 1.4S – compliant with road & air transport regulations
  • Prevents sympathetic detonation
  • Contains blast & secondary fragments protecting nearby personnel
  • Enables detonators and explosives to be stored & transported in same vehicle improving logistical options and significantly reducing transport costs
  • Suits most standard types of detonators