Passive defense equipment

HALO 80 Blast Resistant Litter Bin


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The HALO 80 Blast Resistant Litter Bin provides a solution to the threat of terrorist attacks in public areas by protecting against the blast and fragments of an explosive device and reducing overpressure.

Tested and certified against the latest UK Home Office standards (2011), the star rated HALO 80 non-fragmenting Blast Bin is specifically designed to protect the public and structures from blast effects.


  • Exceptional blast mitigation
  • Easy to use for efficient everyday emptying
  • Slick & durable design for busy environments
  • Incorporates Energetics unique SABREMATTM system
  • Enables superior all-round horizontal blast & fragment protection
  • Reduces blast overpressure
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Co-ordinating non-blast bin range available