Passive defense equipment

IU 1105 Threat Mitigation Unit


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Is your business at risk from a letter bomb attack? The IU1105 is the immediate response to the potential threat from a suspected letter bomb or unidentified package; enabling you to swiftly mitigate and evacuate the suspect item – instead of the building.

The IU1000 unit fits neatly beneath an office desk so when a suspected mail bomb/unidentified package is discovered it can be dealt with immediately, making the area safe and reducing the risk to people and surroundings. The IU1000 is currently in use worldwide in mailrooms, police stations, banks, ministries, reception areas and other office environments.


  • Reduces risk of loss of life
  • Helps protect building / assets from damage
  • Mitigates a suspect item in seconds and safely removes it from premises
  • Suitable for letter bombs, fireworks, detonators, dog search samples, IED’s
  • Perfect size for small working environments – fits under a desk
  • Highly manoeuvrable even through tight spaces & standard doorways
  • Avoids costly evacuations or disruption of business operation