Cargo screening

HI-SCAN 100100V Break-bulk cargo scanner

Manufacturer: Smiths Detection

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  • Universal X-ray system for largest variety of item dimensions
  • Excellent image presentation thanks to optimal X-ray geometry
  • Outstanding image quality thanks to HiTraX electronics
  • Bottom shooter imager generation
  • Wire detectability AWG 38
  • New HI-MAT Plus technology for better material discrimination


The HI-SCAN 100100V is a compact X-ray security screening system with tunnel dimensions of 100 cm by 100 cm.

Designed for facilities requiring high security screening of items with a large range of dimensions.

It permits the inspection of bulky as well as small items without any loss of X-ray image quality, and is designed to meet the needs and applications of airports, customs facilities, transportation operations, carriers and parcel services.