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G-SCAN Gamma Detector

Manufacturer: CEIA

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  • High sensitivity gamma-source detection
  • Autonomous operation
  • Automatic background compensation
  • Optical and acoustical alarm signalling
  • Remote Management and Monitoring through Ethernet Connection
  • Integrated, real time Clock and Data Logging System
  • RS-232 interface for local programming and diagnostic


The CEIA G-SCAN Gamma Detector is a sensitive radioactive substance detector, designed to operate in tandem with X-ray scanners to inspect hand baggage.
The Gamma Detector can be installed at the entrance or the exit of the scanner, and operates completely independently.
After switching on, the device carries out a brief phase of self-calibration, signalled via a yellow light. The operative state of the detector is then confirmed by a green light.
If radioactive substances are detected, the G-SCAN provides an acoustic alarm and two blue optical signals. Any self-diagnostic alarms are signalled by a red light.
The device is constructed in AISI 316 stainless steel, and features great reliability and stability throughout its working life.
The detection sensitivity of the G-SCAN complies with the regulations in force for radiation detectors for the inspection of people and goods.