Under Vehicle Inspection

UVIScan Under Vehicle Scanning Technology


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UVIScan® offers you the world’s leading technology in Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems. Our unique Under Vehicle Scanning Technology offers many advantages due to the use of LED infrared lighting, such as the best possible illumination technology for Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems, no sensitivity to sunlight, long life, low power consumption, and, contrary to halogen and/or white LED, invisible to the “audience”. Designed to provide a crystal clear image of the underside of the vehicle – from small cars to trucks up to 60 feet. Unbeaten quality of the images, preferred by various governmental test agencies. Day and night.

UVIScan® Under Vehicle Scanning Technology is specially designed for Under Vehicle Scanning, where color hardly exists. We have carefully chosen Grey Scale technology because of it’s numerous advantages over color technology, such as the much higher quality of the image – sharper images, better contrast.