Hazardous material detection

IONSCAN 600 Portable explosives and narcotics trace detector


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  • Detection and identification in less than 8 seconds
  • Simultaneously detects and identifies explosives and narcotics
  • Non-radioactive IMS source
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Optional integrated printer
  • Single use, disposable sampling swabs
  • Approved/certified by ECAC, CAAC and TSA (Air Cargo)


The IONSCAN 600 is a highly sensitive trace detector, in a lightweight, portable desktop configuration. It can be used to accurately detect and identify a wide range of military, commercial and homemade explosives threats and common illegal/controlled narcotics, including the highly potent synthetic fentanyl opioids that are rapidly spreading across the world.

The compact, lightweight IONSCAN 600 is easily portable; it includes hot-swappable batteries for full operation even when mains power is not available. The unit can be relocated while fully operational (without any downtime) enabling it to be used in a much broader range of screening environments.

It features a proprietary non-radioactive ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) source, which means licensing from national nuclear regulatory agencies is not required. This allows the detector to be used without time-consuming radiation testing and administration, and enables easy licence-free transport from location to location.

The IONSCAN 600 is unique in working with cost-effective, single-use swabs suitable for both manual and wand sampling. Designed for efficient trace-particle pick-up, these proprietary swabs reduce contamination risk and offer the most hygienic method for sampling a person’s hands.