Body scanners

Human Security Radar


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Human Security Radar (HSR) is a fully automatic walk-through system that screens people in real time for hidden explosive threats and firearms.


  • Automated Threat Detection. No Operator Needed.**Automatic weapon detection is under development
  • Real-time walk-through free flow system. Allows the unimpeded flow of crowds between scanning pillars
  • Inspects several persons at a time without the need for any queueing or divestment. Able to pick up and detect a number of threat objects per person
  • Reveals explosive devices hidden on the body under clothing or in a backpack. **Wheeled luggage scanning is under development
  • Ready to work with a third party video tracking and image processing systems. Networking device. Easy to integrate with an established security infrastructure
  • Exceptional detection accuracy and unmatched low false alarm rates. The level of false alarm rates allows the system to be used in mass transit scenarios


After many years of fundamental research in radiophysics, electronics and software engineering, Apstec have built a technology that is able to identify people carrying concealed threats and which genuinely fills a massive capability gap.

  • HSR is a quantum leap in capability and meets a need where no other technology currently exists.
  • There is no requirement for any special preparation of those passing through the system or for any divestment.
  • HSR scans several people at the same time and can achieve throughputs of up to 10 thousand people an hour.
  • It detects threats on the body, in backpacks and luggage.
  • HSR requires no specially trained operator and therefore has very low operating costs.

Use cases

  • Mass transit – Extending secure perimeter in airports, introducing new security layer without delaying people flow at train stations, transit junctions, metro
  • Mass events – Sport events, concerts, political gatherings: all public events nowadays require certain security provisioning
  • Shrines and Houses of prayer – Shires, houses of prayer and other religious facilities become a target for extremists and require protection. Delays that usually are introduced by
  • traditional security measures, may not be acceptable in this case
  • Critical infrastructure – Using new approach for critical infrastructure protection can eliminate some current risks and decrease operational costs for existing security systems