Mobile x-ray inspection systems

HCVMe Light-weight Medium Energy Mobile Systems


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  • The smallest mobile scanner available using a 4MeV accelerator
  • Designed for ease of use in confined spaces
  • Superior image quality
  • Steel penetration up to 200mm (7.9”)
  • Safe, with no radioactive source
  • Reduced need for manual inspection
  • Throughput of up to 20 trucks an hour in mobile mode and up to 80 in pass-through

The HCVe range features powerful, ultra-compact and fully integrated light platforms ideal for inspecting whole trucks, containers and vehicles for threats such as explosives, narcotics, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and contraband.

All HCVe cargo and vehicle inspection systems are supplied with our CargoVision software platform, and DaiSy image interpretation application; aiding operators with the timely interpretation of results and verification of cargo, by providing detailed X-ray images, multiple customisable image treatments, options and comparison tools.

The HCVe Range features four models to meet varying demands:

HCV e – Compact mobile cargo inspection system. It has a gross weight of less than 15 tonnes.

HCV e NA – Compact mobile cargo inspection system designed for the North American market and meets all US Federal Bridge Law regulations. No commercial driver’s licence is required and it has a gross weight of less than 26,000lbs.

HCV e35 T – Relocatable & compact mobile cargo inspection system. HCVM e35 T can be towed and positioned at any location, including in busy city environments.

HCVP e – This Compact Pass through inspection system is a dedicated stationary screening point for when mobility is not required.