Portable X-rays

FLATSCAN portable X-ray system

Manufacturer: Teledyne ICM

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  • portable
  • constant potential (continuous X-ray)
  • largest detector panel on the market: 30 ”diagonal detection area
  • penetration through steel for 160kV X-ray generator: 30 mm
  • maximum resolution 0.4 mm / pixel
  • battery powered

This portable X-ray has been developed for two main areas. On the one hand, it is used by firefighters to immediately detect the presence of an explosive structure on the suspected, ie homeless, luggage and luggage. On the other hand, using the non-destructive, X-ray layer examination method, artefacts, paintings and archaeological finds can be thoroughly and comprehensively examined anywhere.

This detector panel size is unique among portable, real-time imaging, diode-array X-ray equipment. Because all components are battery-powered, the unit can be operated anywhere.

The FlatScan 30 works with continuous, non-pulsed radiation. This has the advantage of imaging and further image processing. The output beam results in a uniform, high penetration and very high contrast depth when imaging.

Due to the extremely small beam output aperture, the image does not suffer any quality degradation up to 5x magnification. The continuous voltage generator allows you to select the radiation dose corresponding to the object to be scanned by controlling the voltage and current of the X-ray tube in extremely small steps (per 1 kV and 0.1 mA). In addition, the software can be used to create an automatic sequence of images at different tube voltages and tube currents. This results in any amount of images with gradual penetration depths (so-called multi-energy shooting sequence). In this way, the layer depths can be well examined within a material and between different materials, which is crucial for the identification of the components and structure of the object under study. The device is also capable of discriminating material by capturing a single image using the optional dual-energy recording, which displays materials of different atomic weights in different colors. Due to the large aperture angle of the beam (60 °), the generator is quite close, approx. It can be placed 45 cm from the image display unit, increasing the throughput of the system.
A portable package X-ray machine consists of three main units: an X-ray generator, an image capture unit (detector panel), a laptop or a tablet.

Optional detector panel sizes:

  • FLATSCAN 15 (15 ”diameter)
  • FLATSCAN 30 (30 ”diameter)

Optional X-ray generator types:

  • CP 120B, (120 kV, 25 mm penetration on steel)
  • CP 160B, (160kV, 30 mm penetration on steel)