Stationary x-ray inspection systems

CIP-300 Light-vehicle low-energy inspection system


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  • Uses proven Smiths Detection Hi-TraX technology
  • Penetration typically 70mm steel
  • Optimized beam geometry for bumper-to-bumper inspection without blind spots


Available in compact or conveyor versions, the CIP-300 employs Smiths Detection HiTraX X-ray technology to provide high-quality image screening for the inspection of cars and light motor vehicles, including their chassis.


CIP-300 compact

The U-shaped detector is easily installed and its simple footprint allows integration into existing infrastructure, with a throughput of up to 100 vehicles an hour.

Gradual ramps allow a smooth transition over the detector line and ensure that Smiths Detection’s best-in-class image quality is not compromised. The CIP-300 compact also complies with radiation safety guideline ANSI 43.17 (2009) for general-use applications.


CIP-300 conveyor

The CIP-300 conveyor is an inspection solution for unmanned vehicles where drive-through inspection may not be applicable.

It ensures that vehicle drivers are not exposed to any radiation risk, while the beam geometry ensures outstanding image quality.